Our Story

A Moroccan Dream

Our story begins with our founder, Ikram Benzila, a Moroccan well versed with time honoured Argan oil beauty regimes past down from mother and daughter for generations. Frustrated with the difficulty of finding pure Argan Oil of the similar quality she had been used to in Morocco, she began looking into finding a way to bring authentic Argan oil to the Market. Pure Argan Co was born out of Ikram’s dream, the company, was formed with two core principles; Sourcing the best quality oil and doing it in a way that is both fair and sustainable to the women who diligently produce the oil, but also in a way which honours the Moroccan culture and traditions of Ikram’s motherland.

Old Organic Traditions

The ancient Argania Spinosa tree has been growing exclusively in the south west region of Morocco for hundreds of years. This part of the world is prone to intense levels of sunlight, heat and desert conditions and in spite that, the Berber women who are indigenous to this region have been known for the beauty of their hair and skin.

This multipurpose, pure Argan oil has been a part of the Berber beauty rituals for centuries. The oil is renowned for both its versatility as well as its restorative properties. However, Argan oil is no miracle, the science of Argan shows its effects can be attributed to the high percentage of Vitamin E and Antioxidants which occur naturally as well as high qualities of essential fatty acids, which are fundamental in maintaining healthy, radiant skin and hair.

Our collection and extraction process is extremely labour intensive; the Berber women crack the Argan nuts by hand using a century old technique, which cannot be replicated by machine, the oil is then cold pressed using modern equipment to preserve the integrity of the oil. This process has remained relatively unchanged for centuries.

More than a pattern

Taking inspiration from the intricately crafted tiles that can be found across Morocco, our pattern has been designed to take you through the journey of producing our Argan oil. From organic growth, harvesting, cracking the nuts by hand and finally machine pressed; each step is represented beautifully, paying homage to our Moroccan culture whilst showing our key values; luxury, beauty and purity.