Kessa Mitt


Our traditional Moroccan glove or Kessa Mitt as it is more commonly known plays an essential part of the Moroccan spa / Hammam ritual. Used alongside the Moroccan Beldi Soap for exfoliation and a deep skin cleanse, removing dead skin cells and eliminating toxins thus leaving the skin feeling soft, hydrated and rejuvenated. Use the small loop attached in order to hang your Kessa Mitt to dry.

  • Exfoliate and remove dead skin cells
  • Improve blood circulation
  • Suitable for use on all skin types
  • Also be used to help remove ingrown hairs and blackheads
  • Easy to use, suitable for all hand sizes
  • One size
Material – Rayon along with elastic wrist band

Subject to slight shrinking after washing

Usage – Exfoliate by using our in a circular motion and rinse thoroughly


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